Past News

Media listing information / メディア掲載情報

dwell アジア版 7/8月号にハナガスミが掲載されました。

An article about our works HANAGASUMI appeared in the July/August issue
of dwell asia edition.

about KABAZAIKU / 樺細工について


KABAZAIKU is handicraft handed down for 200 years in Kakunodate, famous place
of a cherry tree. KABA means bark ( skin ) of wild cherry.It is called “ Cherry bark
craft ” in English. Craftsman polish up the bark which overlaps with several folds
with dedicated tools, finish to make it to beautiful sheet. After that, it is furnished
on the wood formed a column. KABAZAIKU is made by craftsman one by one polite -
ly, has massive, rural beauty, and dampproofness. It was used Inro ( pillbox ), ciga -
rette case, and currently it is often used tea canister. KABAZAIKU is traditionalcra -
fts which use a cherry tree symbolizing Japan.

photo by Sawako Nezu

Media listing information / メディア掲載情報


An article about our works appeared in the July issue of NIKKEI DESIGN,
and the August issue of ELLE DECOR ( Japan ).

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2012

選定される “ヤングデザイナー賞” を受賞致しました。

We exhibited in the designer booth ( talents ) of Interior lifestyle Tokyo
in Tokyo Big Sight from June 6 to 8th. We are satisfied the exhibition
was very prosperous.
Thanks to everyone’s support, We won “young designer Prize” chosen from
a young designer. We appreciate all the support we received from everyone.

photo by STILL

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo / インテリアライフスタイルに出展します

私達、モノクロはインテリアライフスタイル東京 [ Talents ] に出展します。
会場 : 東京ビッグサイト  パビリオン : 西ホール  ブース番号 : T – 05
会期 : 2012/6/6 ( 水 ) – 6/8 ( 金 ) 10:00 – 18:00 ( 最終日は17:00迄 )

We exhibit in INTERIOR LIFESTYLE TOKYO [ Talents ].
Please drop in and see me when you come over here.
PLACE : Tokyo Big Sight  PAVILION : West Hall  BOOTH NO. : T – 05
SESSION : 2012/6/6 ( WED ) – 6/8 ( FRI ) 10:00 – 18:00 ( Last Day – 17:00 )